Providing Behavioral Health Services in Rural South Texas

Adult Mental Health Services~click links below for more information


Coastal Plains Community Center provides an array of behavioral health services to adults diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar and major depressive disorders. These illnesses are typically persistent, severe and may be accompanied by a substance use disorder. Treatment at Coastal Plains Community Center is uniquely designed in collaboration with the individual, family and other support services in a caring and positive environment. Adult behavioral health services are available to all residents in our nine (9) county  catchment area who qualify for services.

Eligibility Determination - All people interested or requesting mental health services are welcome to walk-in to any of the clinics to be screened by a Qualified Mental Health Professional-Community Services (QMHP-CS). The QMHP-CS will provide linkage to a Licensed Professional of the Healing Arts (LPHA) for further assessment to determine eligibility for services or link the individual to community support services, based upon needs.


ACT-Assertive Community Treatment Program - is provided for individuals who require it, allowing service coordinators to more closely monitor symptoms and medications. This assertive approach to treatment provides the stability and structure necessary to reduce hospitalizations and enable people to continue living in their own community.


Supported Housing -  provides assistance to enable individuals to succeed in chosen housing situations. These supports are based on the specific needs of each person, including locating affordable housing, negotiating leases, acquiring household items, obtaining subsidies, moving into residences, and successfully maintaining residences.


Psychiatric Outpatient Services - Coastal Plains Community Center contracts with psychiatrists to provide consumers with an initial psychiatric evaluation and follow-up to determine diagnosis, treatment and progress.  All medications prescribed are monitored by Board Certified Psychiatrists.  Medications will only be prescribed based upon State and Federal prescribing practices.  The goal is to provide quality medical services, following best practices.  Staff members, to include nursing staff, will also provide training, education and support to assist people in following recommended treatment.  The goal is for individuals make informed decisions regarding the medication treatment they receive.


Veterans Outreach - The Veterans Services and Supports Project will assist local veterans and their families in accessing resources available within the community including food, housing, counseling, health care, job searches, etc.


Early Onset – will focus on individuals, ages 15-30, that are diagnosed with a thought disorder and/or a co-occurring disorder. This program will help individuals who have recently been discharged from a hospital and have had their first episodic break in psychosis.


Jail Diversion – This program will focus on decreasing re-arrests through use of medication interventions and skills training for individuals who are diagnosed with a mental illness and are currently incarcerated or pending adjudication which would result in incarceration.

Supported Employment - provides individualized training, placement and on-going employment support services for people who are motivated and able to perform in a working environment.


Case Management- Case Management provides assessments of needs and strengths of the people served. These services are provided by Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHP). Case managers provide linkage and coordination of care internally and to community service agencies. They will help people develop a plan to work towards recovery.


Nursing Services - include medical assessments, physician and dental referrals, health and safety education and consultation with specialists, as needed.


Alcohol & Drug Abuse - Coastal Plains Community Center currently contracts with The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse of the Coastal Bend.  The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse is a community-based, non-profit organization located in Corpus Christi, Texas providing outpatient treatment services to those suffering from addiction. They also have a wide array of prevention, intervention and education programs.  They serve 12 counties which include Aransas, Bee, Brooks, Duval, Jim Wells, Kennedy, Kleberg, Live Oak, McMullen, Nueces, Refugio, and San Patricio County.  The Council has staff located in two of our clinics-Beeville and Taft and provide Intensive outpatient services to our Adult population.


Coastal Plains Community Center also contracts with United Connections Counseling for persons needing outpatient treatment in Kenedy, Kleberg, Brooks, Jim Wells, and Duval Counties. UCC has staff located in three of our clinics located in Alice, Falfurrias and Kingsville.


Psychiatric Inpatient Services -  Coastal Plains Community Center arranges for emergency psychiatric services adequate to meet the needs of consumers who reside in our nine (9) county area.  The Center currently has contracts with Northwest, Bayview, and Renaissance hospitals.


Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services (Individual and Group) - Social, educational, vocational, behavioral, and cognitive interventions provided by members of a client’s therapeutic team that address deficits in the individual’s ability to develop and maintain social relationships, occupational or educational achievement, independent living skills, and housing, that are a result of a severe and persistent mental illness. This service includes treatment planning to facilitate recovery.



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