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Crisis Counseling Program

Funded by The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The Crisis Counseling Program, or CCP, helps individuals and communities recover from natural and human-caused disasters such as individuals facing hardship from the COVID-19 pandemic. Through community outreach and access to mental health services, our mission is to provide relief to our communities in these challenging times.


The CCP helps survivors prioritize their needs and connect with organizations or people who can assist them. Although the CCP is a temporary disaster relief program, it leaves behind a permanent legacy of more adaptive coping skills, educational and resource materials, and enhanced community connections.


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CCP Covid-19 Illness Prevention

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The CCP helps people recover and rebuild their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. The CCP supports short-term interventions that involve the following counseling goals:


•Helping those experiencing COVID-19 related hardships understand their current situation and reactions

• Reducing stress and providing emotional support

• Assisted reviewing recovery options

• Promoting the use or development of coping strategies

• Connecting individuals with other people and agencies who can help them in their recovery process


Individual Crisis Counseling: Helping individuals understand their reactions, improve coping strategies, review their options, and connect with other individuals and agencies that may assist them.

Basic Supportive or Educational Contact: General support and information on resources and services available to disaster survivors.

Public Education:  Information and education about typical reactions, helpful coping strategies, and available disaster-related resources.

Community Networking and Support: Relationship building with community resource organizations, Faith-based groups, and local agencies.

Assessment, Referral, and Resource Linkage: Adult and child needs assessment and referral to additional disaster relief services or mental health or substance abuse treatment.

Development and Distribution of Educational Materials:  Flyers, brochures, tip sheets, educational materials, and Web site information developed and distributed by CCP staff.

Media and Public Service Announcements: Media activities and public messaging in partnership with local media outlets, State and local governments, charitable organizations, or other community brokers.




COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line



SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline


PDF (Crisis Counseling Program Pamphlet)





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