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Intellectual Development & Disabilities Services ~ click links below for more information

Intellectual Disabilities are a clinical diagnosis defined as a usually permanent condition originating sometime between birth and age 18.  The person’s general intellectual functioning is significantly below average (roughly an IQ of 70 or below) and his or her behavior does not meet the level of personal independence and social responsibility expected of the person’s age and culture.


A determination of eligibility is an assessment (or endorsement of an assessment), conducted in accordance with state law and the Texas Health and Human Service Commission (HHSC) rules to determine if a person has an intellectual disability or is a member of the HHSC priority population for IDD services and supports.  The assessment uses standardized tests to determine a person’s IQ and ABL and is conducted by a qualified professional.  An assessment typically includes an interview with the person, the person’s legally authorized representative (LAR), or, if the person has no LAR, others who are actively involved with that person.  This service may also be requested as part of a formal petition for guardianship.


Anyone who is interested in receiving services or referring someone for services may call:

Art Hernandez at 1-888-819-5312.



Eligibility Determination - An intake worker will coordinate this process for the individual requesting services.  Our psychologist will conduct a determination of intellectual and developmental disability or an assessment to determine if a person meets eligibility requirements for services.


Day Habilitation Services - provide individuals with assistance to help develop and refine skills necessary to live and work in the community. These services are provided in six different locations throughout the counties served by Coastal Plains.


Texas Home Living (TxHmL) - program is a Medicaid waiver program which provides community-based services and supports to individuals who live in their own homes or in their family home. The program can provide assistance with community support, day habilitation, employment assistance, supported employment, respite and professional and technical support services.


Home & Community-Based Services (HCS) - enables individuals to live in the community by providing needed supports and services.  The program offers different residential options such as living in an apartment, group home, companion care or in the family home.  It can provide assistance with respite care, supported employment, counseling and therapeutic services, day habilitation, and service coordination.


Crisis Intervention Services – Provide therapeutic support and interventions to individuals with IDD or suspected of having a diagnosis of IDD who are experiencing behavioral and psychiatric crisis or challenges.


Crisis Respite - Out of home respite is a service provided at a setting other than the individual's home. The individual is in a 24-hour supervised setting in which therapeutic support is provided to stabilize the crisis situation prior to returning home. In home respite is a service provided in the individual’s home, when appropriate, to provide therapeutic support to stabilize a crisis situation and to address the situational stressors.




IDD Respite Care Services - provide a temporary stay at our respite site to provide the family with some relief from their daily care-giving responsibilities.  Individuals are provided with assistance and supervision with their activities of daily living and medication supervision. The length of respite stay can vary from a few hours to a month.


Intermediate Care Facilities - aare group living environments developed to provide housing and supports for individuals with a diagnosis of intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD). These facilities are operated by both public and private agencies.  Coastal Plains Community Center does not operate any ICF homes.  For more information about Intermediate Care Facilities, to include linkage to statewide openings, please click on the link.


Service Coordination- provides assistance to consumers in accessing and linking all resources and services necessary to reach and maintain an optimal level of functioning in their community. Services Include: assistance in accessing medical, social, educational, and other appropriate services and supports. Service Coordination provides the follow-up monitoring necessary for individuals to achieve quality of life and community participation


Community First Choice - A service to determine eligibility to receive Community First Choice Personal Assistance and/or Habilitation Services. Assessments and IDD testing are completed and service planning coordinated with individual’s MCO to determine appropriate services.


Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) - The intent of PASRR is to ensure that all nursing facility applicants are thoroughly evaluated, that they are placed in nursing facilities only when appropriate, and that they receive all necessary services while they are there, if they so choose. The individual will be assisted and provided with specialized services such as case management, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, day habilitation, and independent living kills.



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