Providing Behavioral Health Services in Rural South Texas

IDD ~ Eligibility Determination

For IDD services, you will speak with an IDD intake worker who will schedule an intake appointment with you, either at your home or at the center.  At the intake appointment, the Intake worker will ask you many questions to determine your needs.  Following this appointment, an appointment will be made with a psychologist who will test the individual to determine the individual's intellectual capacity and adaptive functioning.  If the individual is determined to meet eligibility criteria to receive IDD services, a service coordinator is assigned and the treatment planning process is initiated.


As with all health care services, there is usually a waiting time between the time you call for service and the actual date you are seen.  For mental health services, which are not of a crisis nature, individuals are usually seen within ten(10) working days of the request for service.  For IDD services the individual will be seen within thirty(30) days of request for service.



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