Providing Behavioral Health Services in Rural South Texas

Adult Mental health ~ Psychiatric Inpatient Services

Psychiatric Inpatient Services - Coastal Plains Community Center arranges for emergency psychiatric services adequate to meet the needs of consumers who reside in our nine (9) county area.  The Center currently has contracts with Northwest, Bayview, and Renaissance hospitals.


Mental health emergencies are evaluated promptly and the disposition of each request for inpatient services is based upon professional evaluation and physician consultation.  These services are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to individuals experiencing emotional crisis.


As a functioning inpatient crisis unit, our psychiatric inpatient hospitals provide an array of programs and services of short term duration within a structured setting to individuals who exhibit primary psychiatric disorders to such an extent that stabilization in an inpatient setting is warranted.  The primary goal of services is to restore the individual to a level of functioning which will enable discharge to a less restrictive level of care as quickly as possible.  The facilities offer short-term voluntary or involuntary services to consumers who are in an acute state of mental or emotional crisis.  It provides twenty-four hour physician-directed intensive intervention, stabilization, and pre-discharge planning.


The facilities provide diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients of all ages, including adolescents, young and mature adults and senior citizens.  The illnesses and emotional problems vary widely from mood disorders such as depression, to Alcohol or Drug Abuse induced psychiatric events.



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